• 2003-6-1

Workshop: The Art of Storytelling

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Workshop: The Art of Storytelling 

Four Wednesdays, March 1, 15, 29, & Apr 12, 6:30-8:30. 

The Art of Storytelling connects us and reveals the hidden stories behind masterworks in the Cleveland Museum of Art’s collection. What hidden stories? Yours: waiting to be told with ease and confidence through your unique presence. One piece of art along with exercises in improv and performance will draw out your story. You’ll gain tools to strengthen story structure while learning to reveal your authentic self as you connect with audiences. Then, you’ll share your story without ever having to write it down! Through you, we’ll all discover the enormous impact art has if we allow ourselves the time to witness it and each other. This workshop is ideal for writers, non-writers, performers, non-performers, improvisers, or anyone interested in bringing authenticity to their work and everyday life. 

  • March 1 – Week 1: Exploration
    Get to know yourself and each other through performance and improv games, and then explore the CMA galleries to discover your story
  • March 15 – Week 2: Illumination
    Share your story for feedback from the group
  • March 29 – Week 3: Communication
    You’ll be coached through the performance of your piece, with an emphasis on authenticity and personal connection.
  • April 12 – Week 4: Revelation
    Your story—your truth—is shared with your classmates for the last time before taking it to an audience in the CMA’s Neoclassical gallery!


$50, CMA members $40. Register online at engage.clevelandart.org or by calling the Ticket Center at (216) 421-7350.