Named Endowment Funds

The following list salutes the individuals, families, and organizations whose named endowment funds for art purchase, specific purpose, and operations provide an assured source of income for the museum and serve as an eternal symbol of their generosity and foresight. Please contact Marjorie Williams, Senior Director for Endowment Development, at 216-707-2481 or mwilliams [at] clevelandart.org for further information.

Anonymous (26)

Marie N. Agee Endowment

Quentin and Elisabeth Alexander Endowment

Lydia May Ames Endowment

Mr. and Mrs. Matthew Andrews Endowment

Mr. Raymond Q. and Mrs. Elizabeth R. Armington Endowment

Alfred Beverly Barksdale Endowment

Robert P. Bergman Curatorial Chair for Medieval Art Endowment

Robert P. Bergman Memorial Endowment

Charles R. and Emma Berne Memorial Endowment

BETTS Endowment Fund for Cleveland School Art Purchase/Acquisition

The Mildred K. Bickel Fund

George P. Bickford Curatorial Chair for Indian and Southeast Asian Art Endowment

Frederick and Laura Bidwell Endowed Curatorial Chair

Valentine Bikerman Scholarship Endowment

Virginia R. Billinghurst Endowment

Jean Astrup Faubel Blanche Endowment

Robert Blank Art Scholarship Endowment

Arthur, Asenath, and Walter H. Blodgett Memorial Endowment

Roberta Holden Bole Endowment

Charles P. Bolton Endowment

Eleanor and Sevier Bonnie Endowment

Mrs. Frances K. Bradner Endowment

Mr. and Mrs. Wilbert S. Brewer Memorial Endowment Fund

Helen E. Brown Operating Endowment

Ronald and Isabelle G. Brown Education Endowment

Penelope Draper Buchanan Endowment

Alison Loren and Leslie Burt Fund in Memory of Albert and Doris Glaser Endowment

Muriel S. Butkin Curatorial Endowment

The Noah L. Butkin Endowment

Noah and Muriel Butkin Endowment

Julius Cahen Endowment

Myrta Jones Cannon Endowment

Betty J. Carpenter Endowment

Leigh and Mary Carter Endowment

Katherine Chilcote Memorial Endowment

Ellen Wade Chinn Endowment

Jay P. Ciezki, M.D. Endowment Fund for Conservation Research

Harold T. Clark Educational Extension Endowment

Mrs. Harold T. Clark Memorial Endowment

Julia Cobb and Benedict Crowell Memorial Endowment

Dr. John and Helen Collis Family Endowment

Mr. and Mrs. Gerald A. and Martine V. Conway Endowment

The William E. and Mary F. Conway Family Conservation Fellowship Endowment Fund

John Cook Memorial Endowment

Mary Elder Crawford Endowment

Sarah S. and Alexander M. Cutler Director of the Cleveland Museum of Art Endowment

Nancy W. Danford Endowment

Dr. Ranajit K. Datta in Memory of Kiran P. and S. C. Datta Endowment Fund

Elaine Davis Endowment

The Pauline and Joseph Degenfelder Family Endowment Fund

Albert and Helen DeGulis Endowment

Julia and James Dempsey Endowment

Kelly Dreger Memorial Endowment

Elizabeth G. Drinko Endowment

Louis M. Dunn Endowment

Bernard and Sheila Eckstein Endowment

Adele C. and Howard P. Eells Jr. Endowment

Dr. Henry and Ellen Gans Eisenberg Endowment Fund for Conservation of Decorative Arts

Charlotte Ekker and Charlotte Vanderveer Endowment

A. W. Ellenberger Sr. Endowment

Ruthe and Heinz Eppler Art Purchase Endowment

Eleanor and Morris Everett Endowment

Josephine P. and Dorothy B. Everett Endowment

Marie K. and Hubert L. Fairchild Endowment

Elsa C. and Warren C. Fargo Endowment

Netta Faris Endowment

Karen Freeman Endowment

The FUNd Endowment

Robert I. Gale Jr. and Frances W. Gale Endowment

The Gallery Group Endowment

GAR Foundation Endowment

Ernest L. and Louise M. Gartner Endowment

James Gifford Endowment

Gilpin Scholarship Fund of Karamu House Endowment

Lucille F. Goldsmith Endowment

Mott Gordon Endowment

Julius L. Greenfield Photography Endowment

Julia W. and Garth E. Griffith Endowment

Frank and Anastasia Grossman Endowment

Mrs. Graham L. Gund Endowment

Marianne Millikin Hadden Endowment

Mr. and Mrs. James C. Hageman in Memory of Mrs. Elta Albaugh Schleiff Endowment

Charlotte L. Halas Endowment

Maria J. and William Aubrey Hall Endowment

Newman T. and Virginia M. Halvorson Endowment

Dorothea Wright Hamilton Endowment

Howard Melville Hanna III Memorial Endowment

Leonard C. Hanna Jr. Bequest

Leonard C. Hanna Jr. Endowment

Flora E. Hard Memorial Endowment

Charles W. Harkness Endowment

Mary Hays Endowment

Ruth C. Heede Endowment

Hershey Family Art Purchase Endowment

Louis Severance Higgins Endowment for Art Purchase

Tom E. Hinson and Diana S. Tittle Endowment for General Operations

Tom E. Hinson and Diana S. Tittle Photography Purchase Endowment

Lawrence Hitchcock Memorial Endowment

Dr. Gerhard and Mrs. Lee K. Hoffman Endowment

Andrew R. and Martha Holden Jennings Endowments

Mr. and Mrs. Arthur S. Holden Jr. Endowment

Delia E. Holden Endowment

Delia Holden White Endowment

Guerdon Stearns Holden Endowment

Katherine Holden Thayer Endowments

Liberty E. Holden Endowment

Mrs. Mildred Hollander Endowment

Ralph and Mildred Hollander Endowment

Gertrude S. Hornung Endowment

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Hornung Endowment

Mr. and Mrs. Michael J. Horvitz Endowment

Dorothy Humel Hovorka Musical Arts Endowment

Benjamin S. Hubbell Family Endowment

Frank and Margaret Hyncik Memorial Endowment

Frances W. and David S. Ingalls Endowment

Louise H. and David S. Ingalls Endowment

Dr. and Mrs. Scott R. Inkley in Memory of Katharine Newcomer Endowment

James D. and Cornelia W. Ireland Endowment

David H. Jacobs Endowment

Lucy James Endowment

Albertha T. Jennings Musical Arts Endowment

Tom L. Johnson Endowment

Louis D. Kacalieff, M.D. Endowment

Nancy and Joseph Keithley Institute for Art History

G. M. and J. R. Kelly Endowment

Malcolm E. Kenney Special Exhibitions Endowment

Lillian M. Kern Memorial Fund

Mr. and Mrs. Edward A. Kilroy Jr. Endowment

Fannie King Endowment

G. Robert and Mary Elizabeth Klein Endowment

Gina and Richard Klym Endowment

Ada E. Koehler Memorial Endowment

Alma Kroeger Endowment

Jack and Carolyn Lampl Endowment

Patricia C. LeMaster Memorial Endowment

Mr. and Mrs. Roger J. Lerch in Memory of Carl J. Lerch and Winifred J. Lerch Endowment

Ruth Lessam Memorial Endowment

Jack List Endowment

Martin A. LoSchiavo Endowment

Marilyn Lurie Memorial Endowment

Caroline MacNaughton Endowment

The Robert P. Madison Family in Memory of Leatrice B. Madison Endowment

Ellen Bonnie Mandel Children’s Education Endowment

Grace and Samuel M. Mann Endowment

Robert A. Mann Endowment

Mr. and Mrs. William H. Marlatt Fund Endowments

Herman R. Marshall Memorial Endowment

Malcolm Martin Memorial Endowment

William G. Mather Endowment

Estate of Malcolm L. McBride Endowment

Ethel C. Cable McCabe Endowment

Ruth K. McDonough Endowment

Aline McDowell Memorial Endowment

Sterling McMillan III Endowment

Andrew W. Mellon Foundation Endowment

Andrew W. Mellon Foundation Endowment for Publications and Research

Mr. and Mrs. Eugene R. Miles Endowment

Mary Spedding Milliken Memorial Endowment

Severance A. and Greta Millikin Endowment

Mr. and Mrs. Severance A. Millikin Endowment

Alma and Robert Milne Endowment for Art Purchase

Janet Moore Endowment

Baker Eva Morris Memorial Endowment

David and Dorothy Morris Memorial Endowment

Ralph J. Mueller Memorial Endowment

Thomas Munroe Memorial Fund Endowment

Eric and Jane Nord Chief Conservator Endowment

Eric and Jane Nord Office of Conservation Endowment

Laurence H. Norton Endowment

John O’Connor Endowment

Zane Blank Odenkirk and Magdalena Maillard Odenkirk Endowment

Mr. and Mrs. George Oliva Jr. Endowment

F. J. O’Neil Charitable Corporation Endowment

Marilyn Opatrny Endowment

Aurel Ostendorf Endowment

James A. Parmalee Endowment

S. Louise Pattison Endowment

Edwin R. and Harriet Pelton Perkins Endowment

Rudolph J. Pepke Memorial Endowment

Helen G. and A. Dean Perry Endowment

Rita and Frank J. Rack Endowment

Mr. and Mrs. Alfred M. Rankin Endowment

Donna and James Reid Conservator for Chinese Painting Endowment

Mr. and Mrs. James S. Reid Jr. Endowment

Reinberger Foundation Endowment

Louis and Edith Rorimer Memorial Endowment

Charles B. and Carole W. Rosenblatt Endowment

Mr. and Mrs. Edd A. Ruggles Memorial Endowment

The Fran and Warren Rupp Foundation Endowment

Judith and James A. Saks in Memory of Lynn and Dr. Joseph Tomarkin Endowment

William B. Sanders Endowment

Adolph Benedict and Ila Roberts Schneider Memorial Music Endowment

Charles Frederick Schweinfurth Scholarship Endowment

Carl L. and Florence B. Selden Endowment

Dr. Gerard and Phyllis Seltzer Endowment

Elizabeth Carroll Shearer Endowment

Glenn Sheidler Memorial Endowment

Francis M. and Margaret Halle Sherwin Endowment

James N. and Kathleen B. Sherwin Endowment

John and Frances Sherwin Fine Arts Garden Endowment

Margaret and Francis Sherwin Endowment

Asa Shiverick Endowment

Adele and Daniel Silver Endowment

Joseph D. and Margaret C. Smith Endowment

Kelvin Smith Endowment

Margaret Huntington Smith McCarthy Endowment

Ester R. Stern Endowment

Joseph M. and Marina M. Strah Memorial Endowment

Mr. and Mrs. Nelson S. Talbott Fund in Memory of Mr. and Mrs. Edwin Kirk Large Endowment

Susan and Andrew Talton Operating Endowment

Frank E. and Edith S. Taplin Memorial Endowment

Margaret E. and Frank E. Taplin Jr. Endowment

Franny Tewksbury and Ralph T. King Memorial Endowment

Jane B. Tripp Endowment

Richard B. and Chaille H. Tullis Endowment

Rufus M. Ullman Endowment

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas V. H. Vail Endowment

Charlotte F. J. Vanderveer Endowment

Anna L. Vanderwerf Memorial Endowment

Nicholas J. Velloney Endowment

Paul J. and Edith Ingalls Vignos Endowment

The Paul J. and Edith Ingalls Vignos Jr. Endowment for Curator of European Painting and Sculpture

Ms. Gertrude L. Vrana Endowment

George Garretson Wade Memorial Endowment

Mr. and Mrs. William E. Ward Endowment for Art Purchase

Worcester Reed and Cornelia Blakemore Warner Memorial Endowment

Elizabeth H. and David H. Warshawsky Endowment

H. E. Weeks Memorial for Art and Architecture Endowment

Roy Wheeler Memorial Endowment

Mary H. White, M.D. Endowment

Whitehill Operating Endowment

Mr. and Mrs. Richard W. Whitehill Endowment

Alton and Helen Whitehouse Endowment

Edward L. Whittemore Endowment

Lewis C. and Lydia Williams Endowment

Lewis B. and Helen C. Williams Endowment

Anne Elizabeth Wilson Endowment

Womens Council Conservation Department Endowment

Womens Council Flower Fund Endowment

Janette Wright Endowment

Paul D. and Odette V. Wurzburger Endowment

Dorothy H. Zak Endowment

Dr. and Mrs. E. K. Zaworski Memorial Endowment

Bertha Zink Endowment

Wilbur Zink Endowment

Dr. William F. Zornow Endowment

The Anton and Rose Zverina Music Endowment

Rose E. Zverina Library Endowment

Silvia and Justin Zverina Fund in Memory of Lillie and Adolph Wunderlich Endowment 

List current as of June 30, 2014