Legacy Society

Legacy is defined as “anything handed down from the past, as from an ancestor or predecessor.” The following individuals have indeed handed down a legacy of giving through their estate plans or by establlishing endowment funds providing perpetual funding to the Cleveland Museum of Art. Specifically these gifts may include the museum as a recipient of or owner of a bequest, life insurance policy, retirement plan, trust, or charitable annuity. We are extraordinarily grateful to these individuals for their foresight and thoughfulness in including the Cleveland Museum of Art as part of their lifelong planning. Because of their vision and generosity, the museum will continue to thrive and prosper in the next 100 years of fulfilling our mission.

Newest Members
Anonymous (4)
Dick and Joan Ainsworth
Loretta Borstein
Martha and Frank Castle
Paul and Peggy Edenburn
Carol Godes
William H. Goff
Judith Fay Gruber
Henry H. Hawley
Stephen Hegner
Eleanor and Stephen A. Kushnick
Cathy Lincoln
Emma Lincoln
Leonard and Heddy Rabe
Drs. Ximena Valdes and Daniel Sessler
John F. Shelley and Patricia Burgess

Active Members
Anonymous (48)
Martha Aarons
Gay Cull Addicott
Carolyn Adelstein
Norman W. and Helen T. Allison
Mr. and Mrs. B. Charles Ames
Hazel M. Anchor
Herbert Ascherman Jr.
Laurence and Nancy Bartell
Hanna H. and James T. Bartlett
Fred and Mary Behm
Robert B. Benyo
Nancy Harris Beresford
Dorothy A. Berlincourt
Elizabeth Billings
Catherine F. Paris Biskind
Flora Blumenthal
Albert Borowitz
Ruth Gedeon Boza
Louise Bradley
Jeanette Grasselli Brown and Glenn R. Brown
Dr. Harvey Buchanan
Fred and Linda Buchler
Alexander W. Budden
Sally M. Buesch
Gretchen L. Burmeister
Honnie and Stanley Busch
Pauline Cole Bushman
Milan Busta
Mary Luetkemeyer Cahan and Alfred Cahan
Harry and Marjorie M. Carlson
Leigh Carter
Jean Kubota Cassill
Barbara A. Chambers, Ed.D.
Ray W. Clarke
Kenneth S. and Deborah G. Cohen
Karen M. and Kenneth L. Conley
Mr. and Mrs. Gerald A. Conway
Kenneth H. Cooley
Robert and Reed Costa
Vincent R. Crew
Ran K. Datta
Barbara Ann Davis
Bernice M. Davis
Carol J. Davis
E. Barbara Davis
Mary Kay DeGrandis and Edward J. Donnelly
Al DeGulis
Mark Dreger in memory of Kelly Dreger
Sandy and Peter Earl
Bernard and Sheila Eckstein
Elaine S. Engeln
Dr. and Mrs. Michael D. Eppig
Heather Roulston Ettinger
Patricia J. Factor
Mr. and Mrs. C. J. Fiordalis
Marilyn L. Fisher
Richard Lee Francis
Barbara and Peter Galvin
Phyllis Asquith Gary
James E. Gibbs, M.D.
F. David Gill
Leonard C. Gradeck
Elaine Harris Green
Ann and Richard C. Gridley
Anne Groves
Agnes Gund
Graham Gund
James J. Hamilton
Thomas and Joan Hartshorne
Mary Jane Hartwell
Mr. and Mrs. Wade Farley Helms
Bob and Jane Herbst
Dorothy Tremaine Hildt
Tom Hinson and Diana Tittle
Arlene Holden
Patience Cameron Hoskins
Elizabeth A. Hosmer
Mrs. George M. Humphrey II
Dr. and Mrs. Scott R. Inkley
B. Scott Isquick
Marta and Donald Jack
Jay and Mitzi Jackson
Karen L. Jackson
Sharon Faith Jacobs
Robert J. Jergens
Mr. and Mrs. E. Bradley Jones
Drs. Morris and Adrienne Jones
David and Gloria Kahan
Etole and Julian Kahan
Andrew Kahane
Dr. Aileen Kassen
Patricia Kelley
Bruce and Eleanor Kendrick
Malcolm E. Kenney
Patricia Kenney
Mrs. Edward A. Kilroy
Kenneth Kirtz
Gina and Richard Klym
Margery A. Kowalski
Charlotte R. Kramer
Barbara and Tom Kuby
James I. Lader
Carolyn Lampl
Mrs. Samuel H. Lamport
Roger J. Lerch
Jon and Virginia Lindseth
Tommy and Gill LiPuma
Mrs. Sidney Lobe
Martin A. LoSchiavo
Mr. and Mrs. Byron Lutman
Robert P. Madison
Alice D. Malone
Robert A. Mann
Mrs. Samuel Mann
Kate M. Markert
Sanford E. and Eleonora D. Marovitz
Nancy-Clay Marsteller, Ph.D.
Mr. and Mrs. Anthony M. Martincic
Ellen and Bruce Mavec
Dr. M. Lee Maxwell and Michael M. Prunty
Mary W. and William K. McClung
Eleanor Bonnie McCoy
Judith and Ted McMillan
William W. and Pamela M. McMillan
Laura I. Messing
Ivan Mezi
Antoinette S. Miller
Edith Miller
Mark J. Miller
Lynn Underwood Minnich
Alice Mitchell
Mr. and Mrs. William A. Mitchell
Robert L. Moncrief
Beryl and Irv Moore
Geraldine M. Moose
Donald W. Morrison
Joan R. Mortimer, Ph.D.
Mrs. Antonino Motta
Margaret Mueller
Susan B. Murphy
August A. Napoli Jr.
Drs. Anthony and Rita Nassif
Barbara Doroba-Ogg and Michael J. Ogg, MD
Mr. and Mrs. George Oliva III
Marilyn B. Opatrny
William and Amelia Osborne
Frederick Woodworth Pattison
Emily M. Phillips
Florence KZ Pollack
Julia and Larry Pollock
Erin Poskocil
Stanley M. Proctor
M. Neal Rains
Mrs. Alfred M. Rankin
Donna and James Reid
Donald and Joanne Reiss
Robert S. and Sylvia K. Reitman
Barbara S. Robinson
George Roland
Mr. and Mrs. James J. Roop
Audra L. and Geoge M. Rose
Carole W. and Charles B. Rosenblatt
Edwin M. Roth
Aurelie A. Sabol
Marjorie Bell Sachs
Judith and James A. Saks
James Dalton Saunders
Helen Charnes Schaefer
Elliott L. and Gail C. Schlang
Dina Schoonmaker
Ralph and Roslyn Seed
Dr. Gerard and Phyllis Seltzer
Larry Shaffer, Margaret Daugherty Shaffer
Dr. and Mrs. Daniel J. Shapiro
Elizabeth Carroll Shearer
Dr. Walter Sheppe
Michael and Carol Sherwin
Patricia Shiverick
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Shrier
Miriam, Stanley and Kenneth Shuler
Adele Z. Silver
Mrs. John A. Sims
Naomi G. Singer
Katherine Solender and Dr. William E. Katzin
John W. Solomon
Rochelle A. Solomon
Dr. and Mrs. Gottfried K. Spring
Lia N. Staaf
Barbara J. Stanford and Vincent T. Lombardo
Lois C. and Thomas G. Stauffer
Saundra K. Stemen
Dr. Myron B. Stern
Lois and Stanley M. Stone
Diane M. Strachan, CFRE
Karen K. Sutherland
Marc L. Swartzbaugh
Frances P. Taft
Nelson Talbott
Betty Toguchi
Mrs. Richard B. Tullis
Dorothy Ann Turick
Brenda and Evan Turner
Mrs. Robert A. Urban
Todd R. Urban
Catherine G. Veres
Elizabeth H. Warshawsky
Mrs. John C. Wasmer Jr.
Mrs. Daniel T. Weidenthal
Lucile Weingartner
Mr. and Mrs. Frederick Weizman
Dr. Joyce West
Marcia J. Wexberg and Kenneth D. Singer
Marilyn J. White
Mrs. Alton W. Whitehouse Jr.
Hugh and Sherry Whiting
Steven and Trudy Wiesenberger
Merry Wilde
Mr. Meredith Williams
Roy L. Williams
Nancy L. Wolpe
Donald F. Woodcock
Nancy R. Wurzel
Betty J. and John D. Zak
Joan H. Ziegler
Frances R. Zverina

Deceased Members
Anonymous (27)
Mrs. Shuree Abrams
Marjorie Weil Aurbach
Frances and Andrew Babinsky
Doris Govan Ballengee
Mr. and Mrs. Clinton E. Barry
Norma E. Battes
Mrs. Matthew A. Baxter
Carolyn H. Bemis
Don A. Berlincourt
Mildred K. Bickel
Valentine Bikerman
Dr. Harold and Lillian Bilsky
Jean A. Blanche
Mr. and Mrs. Alfred C. Body
John C. Bonebrake
Helen Borowitz
Barry W. Bradley
Gracey Bradley
Mrs. Wilbert S. Brewer
Helen E. Brown
Ronald and Isabelle Brown
Pauline and Clark Evans Bruner
Penelope D. Buchanan
Rita Whearty Buchanan
Jeanne Busta
Ellen Wade Chinn
Betsy Nebel Cohen
Blanche D. Cooley
George B. Coombe
Mrs. John (Louise) Cooper
William S. Cumming
David E. Davis
Margie K. Davis
Helen DeGulis
Mrs. John B. Dempsey
Mrs. Edna H. Doller
Elizabeth Drinko
Caroline Emeny
Edith Virginia Enkler
Eleanor Everitt
Arline C. Failor
Hubert L. Fairchild
Jane Iglauer Fallon
Frances Fangboner
Elizabeth Ludwig Fennell
Maxeen and John Flower
Virginia Foley
Edward L. Franke
Mrs. Ralph I. Fried
Leonard F. and Catherine L. Fuller
Mrs. Carl H. Ganzenmueller
James W. Gifford
Rocco Gioia
Gladys B. Goetz
Ruth Thompson Grandin
Mary T. Gruber
Mrs. David L. Grund
Joseph E. Guttman
Mr. and Mrs. James C. Hageman
Edward Halbe
Marvin G. Halber
Virginia Halvorson
Jane Hanson Harris
D. J. Hassler
Masumi Hayashi
Dorothy P. Herron
Rice Hershey
Mary C. Hill
Dr. Gerhard Hoffmann and Mrs. Lee Hoffmann
Mr. Arthur S. Holden Jr.
Dr. and Mrs. Ralph F. Hollander
Dr. Gertrude Seymour Hornung
Virginia Hubbell
Laura A. Hugus
George M. Humphrey II
Carola B. Hunt
Grace Ellen Huntley
Mary E. Huth
Jarmila Hyncik
Edward F. and Mary F. Intihar
John C. Jackson
Tom L. Johnson
Virginia Jones
Louis D. Kacalieff, M.D.
Audrey Regan Kardos
Julian Kassen
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph F. Keithley
John R. Kelly
Lillian M. Kern
Nancy H. Kiefer
Mr. Edward A. Kilroy Jr.
Mary F. King
Mr. and Mrs. G. Robert Klein
Thea Klestadt
Mrs. Arthur Kozlow
Helen A. and Fredrick S. Lamb
Dr. Joan P. Lambros
Jack Lampl Jr.
Mildred Lerch
Ruth Lessam
Maxine Goodman Levin
Ellen Levine
Howard John Link
Dr. Sidney Lobe
Dr. Gisela Luther
Nancy Lutman
Carolyn White MacNaughton
Jack N. Mandel
Mr. Samuel Mann
Isabel Marting
Kathryn Arns May
Malcolm L. McBride
Marguerite H. McGrath
Elizabeth Briggs Merry
Robert Messing
Ted Miller
Mary B. Moon
Bessie Corso Morgan
Gordon K. Mott
J. P. Mower
Werner Mueller
Egbert and Hilda Nieman
George Oliva Jr.
Mrs. James M. Osborne
Aurel F. Ostendorf
Robert DeSteacy Paxton
James Edward Peck
Mrs. Rudoloph J. Pepke
Mrs. A. Dean Perry
Mr. and Mrs. Peter Pfouts
Jean C. Price
Lois S. Proctor
Dr. and Mrs. Frank Rack
David Rollins
Jackie and Norton Rose
Dr. Franklin Schaefer
A. Benedict Schneider, M.D.
Bryan K. Schwegler
Elizabeth Wade Sedgwick
Mrs. William H. Shackleton
Kathleen Burke Sherwin
Asa Shiverick
Rosalind and Sidney H. Silber
Daniel Silver
Dr. John A. Sims
Alden and Ellen D. Smith
Kathleen E. Smith
Dr. Willard D. Steck
Ester R. Stern
Helene Stern
Eleanor E. Stone
Zenta Sulcs
Irving Sunshine
Seth Taft
Josephine Talbott
Susan and Andrew Talton
Margaret E. and Frank E. Taplin Jr.
Charles H. Teare
Fred Toguchi
Mrs. William C. Treuhaft
Mr. Richard B. Tullis
Mr. Robert A. Urban
Mary Louise Vail
Alice O. Vana
Marshall A. Veigel
Elliot Veinerman
Nicholas J. Velloney
Dr. and Mrs. Paul J. Vignos Jr.
William E. Ward
David H. Warshawsky
Isidore and David Warshawsky
Mr. John C. Wasmer Jr.
Mr. Alton W. Whitehouse Jr.
Douglas Wick
Alan Wilde
Burt T. Williams
Mrs. Lewis C. Williams
Mrs. Roy L. Williams
Mary Jo Wise
Lenora R. Wolf
Mrs. Paul Wurzburger
William L. Ziegler
Helen Zmek
Dr. William F. Zornow

List current as of June 30, 2013