Gifts of Art Donors

Artistic excellence is at the core of the Cleveland Museum of Art’s mission. Since our founding, many generations of patrons and curators have contributed to building an esteemed permanent collection. We are grateful to the following donors from Cleveland and across the globe who continued this tradition and gifted works of art in the last two year.


American Painting and Sculpture
Huntington National Bank
The Algesa O'Sickey Trust
Richard and Renee Zellner

Chinese Art
Donna and James Reid

Contemporary Art
The American Academy of Arts and Letters, New York
Robert and Darlene Duvin
Dr. and Mrs. Lloyd H. Ellis, Jr.
LeWitt Family
The Shirley H. Miller Trust

Decorative Art and Design
Irene Roosevelt Aitken
Albert I. Borowitz
Brooklyn Museum
Dr. Harvey Buchanan
Muriel Butkin*
Dr. Ranajit K. Datta
Leatrice S. and Melvin B. Eagle
Friedman Benda Gallery and Wendell Castle
Kathy Miller Gaphardt and Laura Miller Gruen
Elizabeth Lee and William J. Chiego
Marjorie and Warren McCullough
Betsy Briggs Nogueira and Ann Briggs Mason
Jody Sataloff
Dr. Paul J. Vignos, Jr.*
Janet Zapata

Nancy Beresford
John Bonebrake*
Albert I. Borowitz
Jan Nordstrom Carr
Gabriella De Ferrari
Jennifer Dickerman
Kathy Miller Gaphardt and Laura Miller Gruen
Nina and James Gibans
Lowell Libson
The Print Club of Cleveland
Andrew Raftery
Carole W. and Charles B. Rosenblatt

Education Art
Arielle Kozloff and Jerry Brodkey
University Circle United Methodist Church

European Painting and Sculpture
Muriel Butkin*

Indian and Southeast Asian Art
Supratik Bose and Mary K. Eliot
Kalesan Natesan
Jeptha H. Wade III*
Dr. Norman Zaworski*

Islamic Art
Donna L. and Robert H. Jackson

Japanese Art
Bernard H. and Suzanne Pucker
Jeptha H. Wade III*
Yuko Hosomi and Koichi Yanagi
Dr. Norman Zaworski*

Medieval Art
Jeanne Miles Blackburn
Dr. Norman Zaworski*

Modern European Painting and Sculpture
Albert I. Borowitz

Carl Alterman
Robin Bassett
James Ellman
Dima Gavrysh
Foster Goldstrom
The George Gund Foundation Collection
Michael Huey
Dean A. Keesey (Estate of Dr. Masumi Hayashi)
Kent Krugh
Michael Mattis and Judith Hochberg
Bea Nettles
Dr. Stephen Nicholas
Clare E. Noonan
David Prince
Mark Schwartz* and Dr. Bettina Katz
George and Tamie Speciale
George Stephanopoulos
Andrea Stern
The Andy Warhol Foundation for the Visual Arts, Inc.
Therese and Murray Weiss

Christopher Bishop
John Bonebrake*
Albert I. Borowitz
Brenda and Marshall Brown
Gary Bukovnik
Deborah G. and Kenneth S. Cohen
Drs. Joan T. and Robert P. Davis
Margaret and Peter Dobbins
Margaret C. Dolan and Peter Maxwell
The Sam Francis Foundation
Ola French
Jane Glaubinger
Betsy and Ken Hegyes
Thomas Kren and Bruce Robertson
Dr. Jack and Linda Lissauer
Marjorie and Warren McCullough
Sean Murphy
Clare E. Noonan
The Print Club of Cleveland
Carole W. and Charles B. Rosenblatt
Dr. Gerard and Phyllis Seltzer
Elizabeth Carroll Shearer
The University Print Club
Sandy Walker
Steven and Trudy Wiesenberger

Eric Baer
Melvin Bedrick
Mrs. Arlene M. Holden
Mrs. William J. Robertson
The Textile Art Alliance


John Cook Memorial Fund
A. W. Ellenberger Sr.
Ruthe and Heinz Eppler
Julius L. Greenfield
Maria J. and William Aubrey Hall
Dorothea Wright Hamilton
Leonard C. Hanna Jr. Bequest
Hershey Family Fund
Lawrence Hitchcock
Louis Severance Higgins
Andrew R. and Martha Holden Jennings
Delia E. Holden
Guerdon Sterns Holden Endowment
Liberty Emery Holden
Mr. and Mrs. William H. Marlatt Fund
Severance A. and Greta Millikin
Tom L. Johnson
Louis D. Kacalieff, MD
G.M. and J. R. Kelly
Lillian M. Kern Memorial Fund
Alma Kroeger
Mr. and Mrs. Robert J. Lerch in memory of Carl J. Lerch and Winifred J. Lerch
Robert A. Mann
Mary Spedding Milliken Memorial
Alma and Robert Milne
James A. Parmelee
Edwin R. and Harriet Pelton Perkins
Charles B. and Carole W. Rosenblatt
Judith and James A. Saks in memory of Lynn and Dr. Joseph Tomarkin
Dr. Gerard and Phyllis Seltzer
Elizabeth Carroll Shearer
Jane B. Tripp
Charlotte Ekker and Charlotte Vanderveer
Nicholas J. Velloney
Mr. and Mrs. William E. Ward
Mr. and Mrs. Richard W. Whitehill
Edward L. Whittemore
Anne Elizabeth Wilson Fund

Gifts listed were received beginning January 1, 2012 through June 30, 2014.