We thank our supporters for all that they do!

Those who commit to an unrestricted annual fund donation, including Donor Circles, Supporting Circles, and the Annual Appeal offer vital support to the many exhibitions and programs that the museum presents to its members, visitors, and the community. In addition, we are grateful to the individuals listed here who have also supported the many special projects and initiatives that continually ensure that this institution will remain a center of culture into the next 100 years.


Over $50,000
Hanna H. and James T. Bartlett                              
William E. and Mary F. Conway
Mrs. Louise T. Cooper*
Sarah S. and Alexander M. Cutler                            
Katharine Holden Thayer Fund No. 3
Nancy F. and Joseph P. Keithley                             
Mr. John R. Kelly*
Mr. Robert P. Madison
Mr. and Mrs. Milton Maltz
Scott C. Mueller
Julia and Larry Pollock
Mr. and Mrs. Alfred M. Rankin Jr.    
Mr. and Mrs. James S. Reid Jr.
Randall J. and Virginia N. Barbato                          
Mr. and Mrs. Dean C. Barry
Fred and Laura Ruth Bidwell                                 
Leigh Carter
Mr. and Mrs. Gerald A. Conway
Mr. and Mrs. Rick Doody
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Jeschelnig Sr.
Sue and Dieter Kaesgen
Robert M. Kaye and Diane Upright                            
Malcolm E. Kenney   
Steven and Denise Kestner                                   
Barbara and Morton Mandel
Ellen and Bruce Mavec                                       
Clare and Harold Sam Minoff                                 
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen E. Myers                               
Mrs. Alfred M. Rankin                                       
Mr. and Mrs. James A. Ratner
Mrs. Barbara H. Robinson
Gail C. and Elliott L. Schlang                              
Carol and Mike Sherwin
Laura and Alvin A. Siegal                                   
Paula and Eugene Stevens                                    
George Garretson Wade Charitable Trust #2

Anonymous (3)
Marilyn and Larry Blaustein
Mr. and Mrs. Charles P. Bolton
Mrs. Margaret Collings
Dr. John and Helen Collis
Henry G. Dalton Fund
Mrs. George N. Daniels
Peter J. and Margaret N. Dobbins
Dr. and Mrs. Lloyd H. Ellis Jr.
Rita Montlack and
Howard J. Freedman
Mrs. Marian K. Freedman
Mrs. Carol Godes
Sally and Bob Gries                                        
Ms. Barbara Gross
Mr. Jesse N. Hall                                                                                                      
The Haslam III Foundation
Dr. and Mrs. Roger Y. K. Hsu
Cynthia Ames Huffman and Ned Huffman
James D. Ireland III
Mr. and Mrs. Donald M. Jack Jr.                            
Mr. Carl T. Jagatich
Henri Pell Junod Jr.
Mark Schwartz* and Dr. Bettina Katz
Dr. and Mrs. Michael W. Keith
Mr. and Mrs. Douglas A. Kern
Toby Devan Lewis                             
Jon and Virginia Lindseth                                  
Dr. Floyd D. Loop
William P. and Amanda C. Madar         
Dr. Nancy-Clay Marsteller                   
Mr. and Mrs.* John C. Morley
William Curtis Morton, Maud Morton, Kathleen Morton Fund
Lucia S. Nash                                              
Jane Baker Nord
William J. and Katherine T. O’Neill                     
Jane and Jon Outcalt 
Mr. and Mrs. Dominic L. Ozanne                                     
Mr. and Mrs. Peter E. Raskind
Mr. and Mrs. Albert B. Ratner
Sarah P. and William R. Robertson                          
Dr. Isobel Rutherford                                      
Mr. and Mrs. Steven Spilman
Georganne Vartorella and
Richard A. Statesir
Kate and Brit Stenson
Susan and Jack Turben
Dr. and Mrs. Wulf Utian
Nancy L. Wolpe                                             
Wright Foundation

Mr. and Mrs. Edward R. Addicott
Dr. Winston D. Alt and
Dr. Deborah A. Gribbon
Mr. Herbert Ascherman Jr.
Thomas J. Baechle
Mr. and Mrs. Steve Bailey
Fred G. and Mary W. Behm
Mr. and Mrs. Myron Belkin
Robert and Nancy Bostwick                                   
Mr. Paul S. Brentlinger
Dr. Arthur Brown and
Dr. Diana Kunze                        
Mr. and Mrs. William R. Calfee  
Dr. William A. Chilcote Jr. and
Dr. Barbara S. Kaplan
Gertrude K. and Homer D. W. Chisholm                        
Dr. Jay P. Ciezki
Caroline E. Coit Fund
Aims and Rita Coney                                         
Albert J. DeGulis
Mr. Court Durkalski and
Ms. Amy Durkalski
Dr. and Mrs. Henry Eisenberg
Richard and Robyn Fearon
Dr. Elizabeth Fesler
Lauren Rich Fine and Gary Giller                            
Charles D. and Charlotte A. Fowler
Gail and Robert Garon
Mrs. Brenda S. Goldberg
Andrew and Judy Green
David and Robin Gunning
Mrs. Mary Jane Hartwell                             
Stephen Hegner
Janice L. Hammond, Ph.D. and Edward P. Hemmelgarn              
Jim and Chris Heusinger
Ms. Marguerite B. Humphrey
Walter E. and Jean C. Kalberer
Giuliana C. and John D. Koch
Donna and Stewart Kohl                                      
Mr. and Mrs. Rodger H. Kowall
Mr. and Mrs. Dennis W. LaBarre
Mr. and Mrs. Arthur J. Lafave Jr.
Mrs. Carolyn Lampl
Mr. and Mrs. John N. Lauer
Mrs. Emma Lincoln
The G. R. Lincoln Family Foundation
Eva and Rudolf Linnebach
Byron and Elsie Lutman
Mr. and Mrs. S. Sterling McMillan III                       
Mr. and Mrs. Stanley A. Meisel
Laura Messing                                               
Mrs. Edith D. Miller
Mr. and Mrs. William A. Mitchell
Creighton B. Murch and
Janice A. Smith
Mr. and Mrs. Brian F. Murphy
Ray and Katie Murphy                                        
William M. Osborne Jr. and
Amelia S. Osborne                
Mr. Henry Ott-Hansen
Anne T. and Donald F. Palmer
Mrs. Gloria J. Plevin
Mr. and Mrs. Louis Rorimer
Mr. and Mrs. George M. Rose
Judith and James Saks
John and Sally Schulze
Sally and Larry Sears
Sears-Swetland Family Foundation
Mrs. Astri Seidenfeld
Mr. and Mrs. Boake A. Sells
Dr. Gerard and Phyllis Seltzer                              
Dr. and Mrs. Conrad C. Simpfendorfer
Naomi G. and Edwin Z. Singer
Mr. and Mrs. Richard P. Stovsky
Pamela and Paul Teel Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel P. Walsh Jr.
John and Jeanette Walton
Elizabeth H. Warshawsky
Margaret and Loyal W. Wilson

Mr. and Mrs. Paul R. Abbey
Mr. and Mrs. Richard S. Ames
Mr. and Mrs. A. Chace Anderson
Patricia M. Ashton
Mr. and Mrs. James R. Bell III                              
James and Christine Berick
William P. Blair III
Mr. Albert I. Borowitz
Mr. and Mrs. Henry G. Brownell II
John F. Burke Jr. and
Nancy A. Fuerst
Ms. Eileen Burkhart
Linda R. Butler and
Steven E. Nissen, M.D.                  
Mr. and Mrs. Frank H. Carpenter                                                                                         
Leigh Hayes Carter
Maria and Laura Cashy
Miss Mary E. Chilcote
Mr. and Mrs. William H. Coquillette                         
Mrs. A. G. Corrado
Dr. and Mrs. Dale H. Cowan
Jeffrey and Eileen Davis
Dr. and Mrs. Gerard A. DeOreo Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Richard J. Disantis
Dr. and Mrs. Richard C. Distad                              
Mrs. Rebecca F. Dunn
Sandy and Peter Earl
Mrs. Virginia Foley*
Allen H. Ford                                               
Mr. and Mrs. Walter E. Fortney
Kelly and Brian Gale
Ms. Judith Gerson
Barbara Hawley and David Goodman
Chas and Jen Grossman
Ms. Joon-Li Kim and
Mr. Robert K. Gudbranson
Robert N. and Nicki Gudbranson                              
Elaine Grasselli Hadden                                     
Mr. and Mrs. Henry R. Hatch III
Ken and Betsy Hegyes                                        
Mr. and Mrs. Richard A. Heimlich
Jerry and Sheila Herschman
Dr. and Mrs. Norman R. Hertzer
Mr. Robert T. Hexter
Karen and Eric Hillenbrand
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph R. Horvath
Richard A. Horvitz and
Erica Hartman-Horvitz
Ann M. and David A. Huston
Mr. Robert A. Immerman
Dr. and Mrs. Scott Inkley
Carl M. Jenks
Candace M. Jones
Michael J. and Barbara R. Kaplan
Mr. David B. Katz and
Ms. Jill Tapper
Mary Ann and Jack Katzenmeyer
Dr. and Mrs. William Kiser
Mr. Per Knutås and Mr. Tim Young
Kristie and Jack Kohl
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas J. LaFond
Mr. and Mrs. Kurt L. Liljedahl                              
Bill and Joyce Litzler                                      
Todd and Susan Locke
Ms. Annette Marie Lowe and
Mr. Douglas Dolch
Mr. and Mrs. Randall D. Luke
Mrs. Idarose S. Luntz
Mr. and Mrs. William E. MacDonald III
Dr. and Mrs. Sanford E. Marovitz
Dr. Harold and Suzanne Mars
Mr. Robert T. Moll and
Ms. Maura L. Hughes
Beth E. Mooney
Marge and Dan Moore
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Morgan
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas W. Morris
Mr. Donald W. Morrison
Peta and Rollie Moskowitz                                   
Marjorie and Bert Moyar
Mrs. Susan B. Murphy
August A. Napoli Jr. and
Joan Katz Napoli
Dr. Linn W. Newman
Zach and Debby Paris
Ms. Jean Z. Piety                                                                                                       
Michael Prunty and M. Lee Maxwell
Lute A. and Lynn R. Quintrell
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas A. Quintrell                            
Ms. Tawny R. Ratner
Katharine Lee Reid
Mr. Kenneth R. Roll
Dr. and Mrs. Ronald J. Ross
Mr. and Mrs. Robert J. Roth
Jocelyn C. Ruf
Peter and Nanette Ryerson
Mr. and Mrs. Paul J. Schlather
Mr. and Mrs. Dennis Schwartz
Dr. Daniel Sessler and
Dr. Ximena Valdes-Sessler
Ms. Norine Sharp
Kim Sherwin
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Shrier
Jeff and Celia Sinclair
Margaret and David Sloan                                    
Ted and Sally Smith                                         
Mr. and Mrs. Mark Smrekar                                                                                               
Jeffrey H. Smythe
Dr. Joseph A. Sopko and
Dr. Elizabeth MacIntyre
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas G. Stauffer
Jeffrey and Heidi Strean
Mr. and Mrs. John E. Sulak
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph D. Sullivan
William W. and Edith Taft
Mr. Nelson S. Talbott*
Mrs. Martha P. Thompson
Mr. and Mrs. Neil L. Thompson
Dr. Gregory M. Videtic and
Mr. Christopher R. McCann
Mr. and Mrs. John H. Vinton
Amy and Neil Viny
Mr. and Mrs. Reid Wagstaff
Dr. and Mrs. Richard Walsh
John Mason Walter and Jeanne M. Walter Memorial Fund No. 2
Dr. Mark Warren and Dr. Lisa Lystad
Mr. and Mrs. James W. Wert
Mr. Morris Wheeler and
Ms. Joanne Cohen
Mr. and Mrs. Dickson L. Whitney Jr.
John C. Williams                                            
Wolf Family Foundation
The Wuliger & Zegura Family         
Anonymous (4)
Ms. Muna Abboud
Emily A. Adams                                              
Stanley and Hope Adelstein
Mr. and Mrs. David F. Adler
Dick and Joan Ainsworth                                     
Catherine C. Alfred
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas S. Allen                                
Norman and Helen Allison                                    
Mr. Mark Anderson
Thomas W. Anderson and
Rosalie Tyner
Mr. William R. Anderson                                                                                                 
June Sallee Antoine and
Albert C. Antoine
Dr. C. Julio Aponte
Mr.* and Mrs. Albert A. Augustus
Daniel and Ann Austin
Mr. and Mrs. Eric V. Bacon
Margot and Art Baldwin
William M. and Jane Baldwin
Dr. Gene Barnett and Dr. Cathy Sila
Mr. and Mrs. David S. Barrie
Kathleen and Dennis Barrie
Erva Hitchcox Barton                                        
Roland H. and Mary Bauer
Mr. and Mrs. Richard E. Beeman
Mr. James R. Bell Jr.
Mr. J. Timothy Bender and
Ms. Peggy Kallman
Mr. Charles Berman
Mr. and Mrs. John P. Bertsch
Mr. and Mrs. Jack A. Bialosky Jr.
Dr. and Mrs. David R. Bickers
T. A. and Catherine Paris Biskind
Suzanne and Jim Blaser
Mrs. Joanne H. Blazek   
Rabbi Richard A. and
Susan G. Block                         
Richard J. Blum and
Harriet L. Warm                         
Mrs. Lawrence Blumenthal                                    
Mr. Mark Bogart
Mr. and Mrs. Richard H. Bole
Jerome Sophia Boron
Mrs. Jerome Borstein
Mr. and Mrs. Richard L. Bowen
Mr. and Mrs. Dennis Bower
Richard and Sandra Boyatzis
Elizabeth Boyer Irrevocable Trust
Mr. and Mrs. Edward B. Brandon
Ben and Marcia Brick
Robert R. and Mary Broadbent                                
Mr. and Mrs. Cal R. Brown
Nancy E. Brown
Mr. Robert C. Brown and
Dr. Catherine B. Scallen
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Brown
Cindy and Bob Bruml
Jean and Stephen Bucchieri
Frances S. Buchholzer
Robert and Kay Busha
Mr. and Mrs. Dennis F. Butler
J. C. and Helen Rankin Butler
William E. and Patricia Butler
Mrs. Sumner Canary
Susan J. and David Cannon
Harry and Marjorie M. Carlson                               
Mr. John Carmichael
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph W. Carreras
Dr. and Mrs. Melvin J. Chavinson
Mrs. Florence K. Chelm
Austin B. Chinn Jr. and Gillian Chinn
Karen and Joseph Chinnici Jr.                               
Dr. Alfred J. Cianflocco and
Mary Anne Garvey               
Mr. and Mrs. Paul G. Clark
Mr. and Mrs. Robert W. Clark
Mr. and Mrs. John F. Clarry
Mr. and Mrs. Victor J. Cohn
Mr. Richard R. Colbert and
Dr. Ellen D. Rie
Mrs. Wanda Coldiron
Diane L. Collier
Mr. and Mrs. William Collins
The Reverend and
Mrs. Jawanza Korriem Colvin
Mr. and Mrs. William E. Colvin
Ms. Mim Conway
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Cooley
John R. Corlett
Mr. and Mrs. Evan R. Corns
Mr. and Mrs. Edward G. Cowan                                
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas W. Cristal
Mr. and Mrs. David Daberko                                  
Ms. Faye L. D’Amore
Peter W. Danford and
Susan G. Danford     
Mr. Thomas W. Darling                  
Dr. and Mrs. Robert B. Daroff
Dr. Ranajit K. Datta
Mr. and Mrs. John E. Davies
Ms. Barbara A. Davis                                                                                                    
Rachel Davis Fine Arts
Mr. and Mrs. Ronald J. Davis
Mr. William Davis and
Mr. Joseph Knapicius
Shirley B. Dawson
Diane De Grazia                                             
Fran and Charles Debordeau
Ms. Teresa M. DeChant
Mary Kay DeGrandis and
Edward Donnelly                      
Ann and David Deming
Ms. Carina S. Diamond and
Mr. Gary T. Kutsko
Mr. and Mrs. David S. Dickenson
Dr. and Mrs. Paul E. DiCorleto
Mr. James Dimond
Dr. and Mrs. Patrick L. Domine
Mr. and Mrs. Robert L. Dreshfield
Ms. Susan R. Dunn
Mr. and Mrs. Robert P. Duvin
Dr. and Mrs. Lloyd H. Ellis Jr.                             
Dr. and Mrs. R. Bennett Eppes
Mr. and Mrs. Donald Esarove
Mary and Hap Farr
Marion and Gene Faubel
Darrell A. Fields and
Helen Forbes Fields
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph P. Fischer
Mrs. Nancy Fischer
Dr. and Mrs. Ronald G. Fountain
Michael Frank and Patricia Snyder
Mrs. Jane Frankel
Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence S. Frankel
Barbara Corwin Franklin and
Earl R. Franklin                
John and Kathleen Fraylick
Mr. and Mrs. Robert R. Galloway
Mr. Joseph M. Gardewin
Stephen Gariepy and Nancy Sin                               
Leah Gary and JB Silvers
Jay Gates
Alison W. Gee and
David J. Eichenmiller
Ms. Amy E. Gerbick
Mr. Thomas Gilbride and
Mr. Sal Martello
Mr. and Mrs. Robert A. Glick
Mr. and Mrs. Gerald Goldberg
Dr. and Mrs. Victor M. Goldberg
Mrs. Sally A. Good
William Martin Jean and
David Gooding
Mr. and Mrs. Robert A. Goodman
Barbara H. and Randall J. Gordon
Dr. and Mrs. Stephen Grcevich
Elaine Harris Green                                         
Mr. and Mrs. David Greenberg
Dr. and Mrs. Thomas E. Gretter
Charles and Marie Grossman
John and Christiane Guinness                                
Mrs. Pearl B. Hachen
Mr. and Mrs. E. William Haffke Jr.       
Mr. Tom Haffner
Mr. Newman T. Halvorson Jr.                                                                                            
James and Angela Hambrick
Mr. and Mrs. David P. Handke Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Crawford T. Harvie
Mr. and Mrs. Jonathan C. Hatch
Henry Hawley and George Vassos                                              
Maria A. Heckaman
Catherine and Steven B. Hedlund
Ms. Lee Heinen
Sally and Oliver Henkel                                     
Mr. Peter C. Herbruck and
Ms. Pamela M. Mascio
Dr. and Mrs. Robert Hermann
Mr. and Mrs. John F. Herrick                                  
Ms. Margaret Stone Hesslein
John and Stella Hetzer
Arthur H. Heuer and
Joan M. Hulburt
Ms. Elizabeth S. Hinchliff
Edith F. Hirsch                                             
Mr. Patrick J. Holland and
Ms. Donna Lee Pratt
Mr. and Mrs. Richard R. Hollington
Mr. Jack R. Houlette
Ms. Lillian L. Hudimac
Mr. Brooks G. Hull and
Mr. Terry Gimmellie
Philip Clarkson Hungerford Charitable Trust
Mr. and Mrs. Richard C. Hyde
Mr. and Mrs. E. Dale Inkley
Pamela and Scott Isquick
Jay and Mitzi Jackson
Mr. Scott Jackson and
Ms. Gretchen Snediker
Mr. and Mrs. Patrick James
Susan and Stanley Jaros                                     
Nancy and Ed Jeffery
Cheryl and David Jerome
Mrs. Emma E. Jochum
Mr. and Mrs. Theodore T. Jones
Trevor and Jennie Jones                                     
Dr.* and Mrs. Donald W. Junglas                              
Ms. Barbara Kacir
Mr. and Mrs. David D. Kahan                                                                                             
Mr. and Mrs. Lowell L. Kampfe
Mr. Carlton Kanner
Mr. and Mrs. Richard O. Kaplan
Mr. and Mrs. Kurt Karakul
Ms. Cindy Kellett and
Mr. Timothy Kester
Michael F. Kelley
Hilary and Robert Kendis
Susan and James Kendis
Bruce and Eleanor Kendrick
Mrs. Gail S. Kichler
Dr. and Mrs. Chin-Tai Kim, Ph.D.
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas J. Kiousis Jr.
Mr. Kenneth H. Kirtz
Mr. James T. Kitson
Mr. and Mrs. James J. Kleinman
Mr. and Mrs. Stuart F. Kline
Stephen J. Knerly Jr.
Mr. John F. Koncar and
Mr. Claudio M. Caviglia
Terry Kovel
Mr. and Mrs. Alan M. Krause
Mr.* and Mrs. James G. Kreiner
Mr. Mark C. Krzysiak
Miss Rose M. Kubik
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas E. Kuby
Ms. Lillian A. Kuri and
Ms. Sidney Kuri
Ms. Lisa Kurzner and
Mr. Larry Bloomenkranz
Dr. and Mrs. Irving Kushner
Dr. and Mrs. John T. Lai
Mrs. Samuel H. Lamport
Ms. Judith E. Lancaster
Mr. and Mrs. John J. Lane
Mr. and Mrs. Tom H. Lang
Dr. and Mrs. Roger H. S. Langston
Mr. and Mrs. Robert L. Larson
Bonnie and Stephen Lau
Neal and Nancy Lavelle
Mr. William Lavigna
Mr. and Mrs. Bernard Leff
Bertram* and Alice Lefkowich
Albert Leonetti and
Ruth Anna Carlson
Dr. Edith Lerner                                                                                                        
Judy and Mort Levin
Dr. and Mrs. Stephen B. Levine                                                                                          
Dr. and Mrs. Alan E. Lichtin
Ms. Mary Jane C. Linn
Alan Gordon Lipson and
Judith D. Harris
Dr. Jack and Linda Lissauer                                 
Isabelle Lobe
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph P. Lograsso                                                                                         
Dr. and Mrs. Hans Luders
Mr. and Mrs. Alex Machaskee
Dr. Alvin and Lorrie Magid                                  
Mr. and Mrs. Charles L. Maimbourg                                                                                       
Mary and Brian Martin
Dr. Laura Martin and Mr. Paul Meyer
Mrs. Walter A. Marting
Dr. and Mrs. Matig Mavissakalian                                                                                        
Nicole Visconsi Mawby
Mrs. Frederick S. McConnell Jr.
Ms. Charlotte V. McCoy
Mrs. Linda L. Wagy McGinty                                                                                              
Sandy and Claire McMillan
Ms. Beth McMillen
Dr. and Mrs. Daniel A. Medalie
Mr. Glenn A. Metzdorf                              
Dr. and Mrs. Beno Michel
Carol and Dick Michel   
Antoinette S. Miller
Dr. Sharon E. Milligan  
Mr. Roy Minoff
Dolly and Steven Minter                                     
Mr. and Mrs. Charles J. Mintz
George A. Misencik Living Trust
Mrs. Shirley O. Morgan
Katie and Tom Morley
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen C. Morris II
Warren and Betsi Morris
Mr. and Mrs. William J. Morse
Deborah and Dale T. Morsefield
Mrs. Marjorie L. Moskovitz
Ms. Betty Jane Mulcahy                                                                                                  
Murlan J. Murphy Jr. and
Molly Dixon
Randall S. and Chris Myeroff
Mr. and Mrs. Robert D. Neary
John G. and Karen R. Nestor
Mr. and Mrs. T. F. Neubecker                                
Francis and Sally Neville
Mr. and Mrs. Charles J. Nock Jr.                                           
Daurine Noll
Mr. Robert A. Novak
Mr. and Mrs. Edward Oberndorf
Mr. James O’Leary
Mr. and Mrs. Tod Oliva
Ms. Kathleen O’Neil and
Mr. Howard Lichtig
Mrs. Donald C. Opatrny
Harvey and Robin Oppmann
Mr. Russell O’Rourke and
Ms. Georgia A. Froelich
Mr. Lawrence E. Oscar and
Mrs. Jeanne R. Shatten
Chas and Carolyn O’Toole
Ms. Sarah A. Ott-Hansen
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Y. Pace
Eliza and Richard Parkin
Bob and Trisha Pavey
Mrs. Rita Pearlman
Dr. Scott Pendergast and
Mrs. Judy Takacs Pendergast
Steve and Polly Percy
Barbara and Michael Peterman
Mrs. Grace Petot
Dr. and Mrs. Gosta Pettersson
Dr. Franklin and Pat Plotkin
Mr. Carl Podwoski and
Ms. Virginia Lovejoy
Dr. Peter A. Politzer
Mr. and Mrs. Frank H. Porter Jr.                                                
Mr. Richard T. Prasse
Mr. and Mrs. John Prim
Carol and Bill Prior
Ms. Marie Quintana and
Mr. Robert Sikora
Mr. and Mrs. David W. Rae
Mr. Merritt Neal Rains and
Ms. Madeline Huber
Mr. and Mrs. John N. Rampe
Bruce T. Rankin                                             
Ms. Sheila Rapp
Andrew Rayburn and
Heather Guess                            
Mr. and Mrs. Robert J. Reid                                                                                             
Dr. Rod Rezaee and
Mrs. Sara Schiavoni
Bradford and
Margaret Ann Richmond
Mrs. Sara M. Ringle
Mr. Dwight W. Robinson
Mr. Ken S. Robinson
Mr. Jay F. Rockman and
Dr. Katherine Rockman
Mr. Thomas R. Roese and
Mr. William Franklin
Mr. and Mrs. Richard S. Rogers
Mr. Thomas P. Roherty
Ms. Anne N. Rorimer
Charles B. and
Carole W. Rosenblatt                         
Mr. and Mrs. Jonathan Ross
Mrs. Betty R. Rosskamm
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Roth
Judge Betty Willis Ruben and Professor Alan Miles Ruben
Mr. and Mrs. Vaughn P.  Rubin
Suzanne Cushwa Rusnak and Jeffrey D. Rusnak
Mark J. and Shelly Lynn Saltzman
Dr. Laura P. Samson
Mrs. Patricia Sawvel
Mr. and Mrs. Raymond T. Sawyer                              
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas J. Scanlon
Robin and Andrew Schachat
Mark Scheer and Nicole Bahl
Dr. and Mrs. William A. Schiavone
Mrs. Linda M. Schlageter
Mr. and Mrs. Alexander C. Scovil
Mrs. Barbara Baker Scovil
Dr. John Sedor and
Ms. Geralyn Presti
Mr. and Mrs. Oliver E. Seikel
Dr. Donald M. Shafer                                                                                                    
Elizabeth Carroll Shearer
Mrs. Barbara K. Sheffler
Mr. and Mrs. John A. Shields
Lisa Shifrin and Jerry William
Reginald and Lynn Shiverick
Mr. and Mrs. Fareed Siddiq
Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence N. Siegler
David and Harriet Simon
Ms. Marjorie Simon
Dr. and Mrs. Lawrence J. Singerman
Mr. and Mrs. Judson E. Smith
Sandra and Richey Smith
Nancy and Will* Sogg
Ms. Katherine Solender and
Dr. William E. Katzin
Thomas G. and Ruth M. Stafford
Mr.* and Mrs. Leonard Stein-Sapir
Ms. Saundra K. Stemen
Timothy L. Stephens Jr., M.D.
Elizabeth Stephenson
Diane M. Strachan and
Sheryl E. Smith  
Diane and Arthur Stupay
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph D. Sullivan Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel C. Sussen Sr.
Mary E. Suzor
Mr. and Mrs. David Szamborski
Mrs. Frances P. Taft
Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth E. Taylor            
Virginia and Bruce Taylor                                                                             
Mr. Ronald Thomas                                                                                                       
Mr. Michael C. Thompson
Mr. and Mrs. William R. Timken Jr.
Susan and John Turben Foundation
Mr. and Mrs. Robert J. Vagi
Mr. and Mrs. James D. Vail                                                                                              
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Vail
Peter and Roberta Van Dijk
Catherine and Dale Veres
Mrs. Mary Lou VerMerris
Mrs. Daniel Verne                                           
Mr. and Mrs. Walter Walburn
Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Walsh
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen D. Walters
Mrs. Elaine G. Walton    
Dr. Steven Ward and
Dr. Barbara Brown
Jerry and Anne H. Wareham
Doris H. and Russell J. Warren
Mrs. Mary C. Warren
Mr. David D. Watson
Dr. and Mrs. Leslie T. Webster Jr.                                                                                     
Ms. Anne Weil
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Weil Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Michael R. Weil Sr.
Susan and Jeffry Weiler
Joy and Jerome Weinberger
Mr. and Mrs. Michael H. Weiner
Mr. Elie Weiss  and Ms. Sara Hurand                                                                                                         
Mr. and Mrs. Charles D. Weller
Nancy N. West
Ms. Adele E. Wick
Steven and Trudy Wiesenberger                               
Mrs. Darlene K. Woodruff and
Dr. Henry F.* Woodruff
Mr. and Mrs. Robert L. Wuench
Donna Yanowitz
Dr. Marie A. Simon and
John Michael Zayac
Paula and Ken Zeisler
Mrs. Barbara E. Zelley
Daniel N. and Ellen Zelman
Mrs. Mary Jo Zingale
Mr. and Mrs. James E. Zinser

Anonymous (4)
Dr. Edmund D. Abegg
Ms. Nancy A. Adams
Mr. Stephen Adams and
Ms. Joanne Yarbrough
Dr. and Mrs. Dimitris Agamanolis                                                                                        
Ms. Emily S. Alexander-Hamilton and Mr. Frank Hamilton
Drs. Sawsan T. and Ali Alhaddad
Mr. James M. Anastos
Dr. David Anthony
Mr. James S. Aussem
Mr. Joseph Babin
Dalia M. and Robert H. Baker
Dr. Richard P. Baks
Dr. Kathleen L. Barber
Mr. and Mrs. Kevin D. Barnes
Ms. Pamela Barron
Dr. and Mrs. Rodney Benjamin
Dr. and Mrs. Robert W. Bercaw
Mr. and Mrs. Alec Berezin
James and McKey Berkman                                     
Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey M. Biggar
Mr. Eduardo A. Bigornia and
Dr. Lina A. Bigornia
Mr. and Mrs. James S. Bingay Jr.
Dr. and Mrs. Frederic C. Bishko
Mr. and Mrs. Charles A. Bittenbender
Mr. and Mrs. Dennis A. Block                                                                                            
Mr. and Mrs. Paul H. Bodden
Ms. Lillian M. Boehmer
Mr. and Mrs. John M. Bourne                                                                                             
Mr. Thomas J. Brezovec
Mr. and Mrs. Richard D. Brockett
Mr. Peter Bruce and
Ms. Maria DeRyke
Ms. Kim Bruns and
Mr. Kenneth Burkins
Ms. Kristine E. Bryan
Kaja Tooming and
Richard Buchanan
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Buckle
Ms. Diana Bulman
Mr. and Mrs. J. Donald Cairns
Mrs. Marguerite B. Campbell
Mr. Michael Caputo
Mr. and Mrs. Paul Carleton
Janice L. Carlson
Mr. and Mrs. James P. Carulas
Dr. Howard Cash and
Ms. Nancy Mueller
Mr. and Mrs. Brian T. Cassidy
Dr. and Mrs. Theodore Castele                                                                                           
Dr. Victor A. Ceicys and
Mrs. Kathleen Browning-Ceicys
Ms. Kelly Chec and
Mr. Michael Creagan
Mr. and Mrs. Peter J. Chudyk
Ann C. and Thomas A. Cicarella
Grant A. and Laura T. Cleveland
Mr. and Mrs. Christopher M. Coburn
Dr. Mark Cole and Dr. Dave LaSalvia
Mr. and Mrs. Richard A. Cooper       
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph G. Corsaro
Mr. and Mrs. Patrick Coyne
Mr. and Mrs. Chester F. Crone   
Dr. Lucy Ann Dahlberg                                                                                                   
Mr. and Mrs. Arnold J. Dahm
Mr. and Mrs. James T. Dakin    
Mrs. Kay D. Davis
Mrs. Lois L. Davis
Miss Sally M. Davis
Dr. and Mrs. Chad L. Deal                                                                                               
Mrs. Leslie V. Dinovi and
Mr. A. Beatty McDonald
Miss Patricia A. Dolak                                                                                                  
Mr. and Mrs. Henry C. Doll
Mr. and Mrs. William M. Donley
Ms. Emily Ann Drake
Mr. Eric W. Dunn and
Ms. Jennifer C. Myers
Mr. and Mrs. Christopher T. Dunworth
Mr. Erich A. Eichhorn and
Ms. Ursel T. Dougherty
Dr. Brenda S. Ellner and
Mr. Mel Schoenstein
Mr. and Mrs. Hamilton Emmons
Leigh and Andrew Fabens
Patricia J. Factor                                          
Robert L. and Roberta D. Fairchild
Dr. Marvin A. Feldstein and
Ms. Susan L. Hanna
Mr. and Mrs. John Ferchill
Mr. Thomas B. Fleming
Marcia and Fred Floyd
Mr. John Forsgren
Mr. and Mrs. John G. Frost
Mrs. Barbara L. Fruscella
Margaret M. W. Furey and Christopher G. Furey, M.D.
Loren and Michael Garruto
Mr. David Garvin
Mr. and Mrs. Edmond Gerard
Mr. and Mrs. Robert W. Gillison III
Miss Betty Jo Gioffre       
Mr. and Mrs. John M. Glidewell
Mr. and Mrs. David J. Goldstein
Randall J. and
Francesca P. Goodman
Ms. Melodie L. Grable and
Mr. Thomas Coffey
Dr. and Mrs. Howard D. Greenberg
Dr. Kathleen S. Grieser and
Mr. John C. Chipka
Mr. Kent Hageman
John and Virginia Hansen
Dr. and Mrs. Jon A. Hardacre
Mr. William W. Harkins
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Hartshorne
Mr. and Mrs. Harold B. Hazelhurst
Elizabeth A. and James Heiman
Jane and Bob Herbst
Ms. Ruth A. Herzak
Mr. and Mrs. David J. Hessler
Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey J. Higerd
Mr. Drew W. Hinkle and
Ms. Karen L. Hoffman-Hinkle
Tom E. Hinson and Diana S. Tittle                           
Mr. and Mrs. Harry L. Holmes
Mr. Herbert J. Hoppe Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas H. Horner
Peter and Jacqueline Lohr Hoyt
Ms. Alane M. Hughes
Dr. Terence Isakov
Mr. and Mrs. Henry Jacobson                                                                                             
David J. James Jr.                                          
Mr. and Mrs. James Jaroszewski
Mr. and Mrs. John L. Jirus
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph K. Juster
Mr. and Mrs. Eric Kaiser
Ms. Linda Kane and
Mr. Gary Stewart
Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Kartalis
Karen and Doug Katz
Mrs. Catherine E. Keating and
Mr. Charles King
Mr. James Kilmer and
Ms. Genevieve Mathieson
Mr. Lincoln King-Cliby
Mr. Carl A. Kleinholz        
Mr. and Mrs. Eric J. Klieber
Mr. and Mrs. Victor G. Kmetich
Sarah J. and Michael Knoblauch
Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Kohn
Mr. Steven Koliha
Dr. Ronald H. Krasney
Mr. and Mrs. Robert J. Kretschmann                                                                      
Mr. and Mrs. William Lafave
Dr. and Mrs. Frederic W. Lafferty                           
Mr. Daryl Z. Laisure
Chuck and Joanne Lake
Mr. Timothy C. LaRiche
Mr. and Mrs. Don Laubacher
Mr. and Mrs. Roger J. Lerch
Connie and Robert Lewis
Mr. and Mrs. Morton Litt      
Dave and Jan Logsdon
Mr. Martin A. LoSchiavo
Ms. Mary Beth Loud
Dr. and Mrs. James L. Lowder
Dr. Stephen A. and
Mrs. Mary Ann Gregg Mahoney
Jennifer Malkin
Ms. Jill Manuel and
Ms. Katherine Delapena
Mr. Greg Marbais
Mr. and Mrs. Herbert L. Marcus
Dr. Kenneth E. Marks
Dr. James S. Marshall and
Mrs. Elizabeth R.* Marshall
Charlotte M. Masterson                                                                                             
Mr. Neil McCarthy and
Mrs. Maura O’Donnell-McCarthy
Mr. and Mrs. James A. McClurg
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas B.
McGowan III
Mrs. Jean Palmer Messex
Mr. and Mrs. Trent M. Meyerhoefer
Dr. Cynthia J. Mikula and
Mr. Larry D. Campana
Mr. and Mrs. James M. Moll
Mr. and Mrs. Charles W. Mooney
Mr. and Mrs. Robert M. Mooney
Dr. and Mrs. Masahiro Morikawa
Ms. Andrea A. Morris
Mr. and Mrs. Terrence P. Morris
Ms. Wendy Munyon
Ms. Sarah-Theresa Y. Murakami
Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence N. Murray
Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Murtaugh
Mr. and Mrs. George B. Naff             
Dr. and Mrs. Ryan Nord
Thomas and Corky Nosek
Mr. and Mrs. Paul T. Omelsky
Mr. David A. Osage and
Ms. Claudia C. Woods
Dr. and Mrs. Krzysztof Palczewski
Mr. and Mrs. Ameya S. Palekar                                                                                           
Mr. and Mrs. Louis E. Pardi
Dr. and Mrs. Martin J. Plax                                                                                             
Mr. Brad Pohlman and
Ms. Julie Callsen
Ms. Barbara A. Poltorek
Mr. and Mrs. Alan G. Poorman                                                                                            
Mr. and Mrs. Gary L. Price
Mr. and Mrs. Robert W. Price
Mr. and Mrs. W. Brian Provan
Ms. Dana E. Pulk Dickinson
Dr. Anita P. Redahan and
Ms. Keara Mullen
Deborah L. and Glenn Renwick
Mr. and Mrs. Michael F. Resch
Mr. and Mrs. Richard C. Riccardi
Mr. Robert J. Rice
Lutz and Barbara D. Richter
Mr. Charles T. Riehl
Mr. and Mrs. Richard S. Rivitz
Mr. and Mrs. Justin J. Roberts
Mr. William Hughes Roberts
Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth L. Rogat
Dr. and Mrs. T. C. Rohweder
Mr. and Mrs. Peter Rome
Dr. and Mrs. Robert J. Ronis
Mr. and Mrs. James J. Roop
Mr. and Mrs. Donald R. Saunders
Mr. and Mrs. Victor J. Scaravilli
Mr. and Mrs. Russell Schabel
Mr. and Mrs. Charles J. Schenkelberg                                                                                    
Ms. Linda B. Schneider
Mrs. Nancy L. Schubert
Ms. Rebecca Schwartz and
Dr. Thomas Edwards
Dr. James L. Sechler and
Mrs. Veronika E. Ilyes-Sechler
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas W. Seitz
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Shaulis
Dr. and Mrs. Michael Sheahan
Ms. Clara D. Sherwin
Mrs. Marjorie B. Shorrock
Mr. John Sinnenberg and
Ms. Cassi Handler
Mr. Bryan Smith
Mrs. Gretchen D. Smith
Mr. and Mrs. Timothy P. Smucker
Mr. and Mrs. William E. Spatz                                                                                           
Dr. and Mrs. Gottfried K. Spring
Mr. and Mrs. Richard W. Spurney
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel J. Stankey
Mr. Gregory E. Stewart
Mr. and Mrs. John M. Stickney
Ms. Martha C. Stitt and
Ms. Mary McGraw
Ms. Lanie Strassburger                                                                                                  
Mr. and Mrs. G. Walter Stuelpe Jr.
Dr. Elizabeth V. Swenson
Mr. and Mrs. Mark Taylor
Mr. Robert M. Torok                                                                                                     
Mrs. Juliana Turek
Mr. and Mrs. James R. Underwood
Mrs. Sonja Unger
Mr. and Mrs. Roger Vail
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas V. H. Vail
Ms. Victoria Vermes
Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Voelker
Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Voelkerding
Mr. Evan Wachs and
Ms. Elizabeth A. Emery
Mr. Kenneth C. Waldo Jr.
Ms. Barbara S. Walker
John Mason Walter and Jeanne M. Walter Memorial Fund No. 1
Ms. Carole H. Walters
Mr. and Mrs. Robert C. Weber
Mr. William Weber and
Mrs. Mary A.* Weber
Yair and Carol Weinstock
Mr. Robert R. Whitcraft and
Ms. Sharon Meixner
Mrs. Helen Whitehouse
Mr. Meredith Williams
Mr. and Mrs. H. Robert Wismar Jr.                                                                                      
Mr. David Wittkowsky and
Mr. James Anderson
Ms. Christi Woods
Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Wynshaw-Boris
Mr. Carey Balton Yancey
Dr. and Mrs. Jean-Pierre Yared
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel T. Young
Mr. and Mrs. Stuart Youngner
Ms. Geralyn Yousuf
Ms. Pamela Zarlingo            
Mrs. Genevieve Zarnick              
Mr. Alan J. Zelina
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Zellmer
Mr. and Mrs. Richard A. Zellner
Dr. Christine M. Zirafi and Ms. Susan Zanetti


Gifts listed were received beginning July 1, 2013 through June 30, 2014