Solstice 2017
  • Solstice 2017

Solstice 2017 Program


Atrium Stage

8:00 Third Coast Percussion
9:15 Bayonne
10:45 Botany

South Terrace Stage

8:00 Pedrito Martinez Group
9:00 Batida
10:30 RAM
11:45 Dām-Funk


in & out
Video Art by Yaloo Pop and CandyStations
New Balloon Art by Addi Somekh, Micha de Haan, Emma Strunk, and Gary Ledbetter
Hooping by Philo Hagen and Anah Reichenbach



9:00 Fashionistas in the Ancient Americas
Dyane Hanslik, Manager of Studio Programs
Meet in gallery 233.
9:15 Greek Mythology’s Greatest Hits
Saraphina Masters, Warshawsky Fellow
Meet in gallery 102b.
9:30 Black in America
Barbara Tannenbaum, Curator of Photography
Meet in gallery 230.
9:45 German Expressionism: Crossing the Bridge
June de Phillips, Curatorial Assistant
Meet in gallery 225.
10:00 Momoyama Gold: Phoenix and Peacock
Sinéad Vilbar, Curator of Japanese Art
Meet in gallery 235.
10:15 A Knight in the Armor Court
Amanda Mikolic, Curatorial Assistant
Meet in gallery 210.
10:30 Herakles and the Heroic Persona
Michael Bennett, Curator of Greek and Roman Art
Meet in gallery 103.
10:45 How to Spot a Buddha
Trevor Menders, Warshawsky Fellow
Meet in gallery 235.

Exhibition Hall and Gallery close at 10:00.
Don’t miss Brand-New & Terrific: Alex Katz in the 1950s and
Reeds and Geese: Japanese Art from the Collection of George Gund III.

ArtLens Gallery closes at midnight.

Food available until 11:30.
Last call 12:30.
Level 1 and 2 galleries close at 12:30.


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