Parade Theme

2016 THEME

a space considered safe
a labyrinth within
a sacred circle
of creativity

During the flourishing of the Mycenaean Civilization, Greek scholars created the first Temenos, a sacred place set aside for worship of the gods. Over time this term came to refer to any area set aside from ordinary use, available to anyone, and designed to enhance personal reflection and creative pursuits. Carl Jung found profound power for the individual in the temenos, which resembled a squared circle, a symmetrical rose garden with a fountain in the middle where unconscious ideas can be brought to the light of consciousness. In the catalog for the exhibition, Parade the Circle - 25 Years, Nan Eisenberg, Parade Coordinator Emeritus, reflects: “From the very first public parade workshops at the museum, parade has created what the ancient Greeks called a temenos, a play space, described by Stephen Nachmanovitch as a ‘magic circle’, a delimited sacred space within which special rules apply and in which extraordinary events are free to occur.”

This year as we celebrate 100 years of the Cleveland Museum of Art we can marvel at our museum that so fervently celebrates the opportunity for self-expression for all individuals, and provides the protective rectangle to bind this sacred circle of creativity we know as Parade the Circle.

Note: The parade theme helps to unify parade entries, especially the major ensembles. Groups are not required to follow it, but may find it a helpful guide in designing their own entries.

See parade history for past themes.