Made Surreal—A Fashion Design Competition

Made Surreal—A Fashion Design Competition

Unleash your own wild eye in Made Surreal.

Surrealism explores the unconscious, the irrational, and the unknown through dreamlike imagery, jarring perspectives, and exaggerated colors and viewpoints; it is a look into the inner mind described by Andre Breton as “the wild eye.” Vertiginous camera angles, odd croppings, and exaggerated tones and perspectives are hallmarks of surrealist photography. Designers and artists are invited to unleash their own “wild eye” by creating clothing or wearable art inspired by Surrealist and Modernist photography.

Made Surreal is presented in celebration of Forbidden Games: Surrealist and Modernist Photography, on view at the Cleveland Museum of Art October 19, 2014–January 11, 2015, in the Kelvin and Eleanor Smith Exhibition Hall.

Design Guidelines

Participants will be judged on the creative and original interpretation of Surrealist techniques and themes through fashion, as well as their craftsmanship and quality of execution.

Selection and Participation

To enter, submit a design sketch and entry form by Monday, September 22. There is no fee for entry.

Twenty finalists will be selected. Finalists will be notified by email on or before September 26. All finalists will receive a materials stipend of $150.

Finalists will show their completed designs in the Made Surreal runway show on Friday, November 7, during the museum’s monthly MIX at CMA happy hour event, which regularly draws over 1,500 attendees.


Prizes will be awarded by the judges following the conclusion of the runway show and a short period of deliberation. The panel will award a $500 first prize, a $250 second prize, and a $150 third prize, as well as a Curator’s Choice Award and a Collector’s Choice Award.

Judges include David Raymond, art collector and filmmaker; Doris Raymond, vintage clothing guru and owner of Los Angeles vintage store The Way We Wore (featured in the Smithsonian Channel hit “L.A. Frock Stars”); Jean Druesedow, director of the Kent State University Museum; and Barbara Tannenbaum, curator of photography at the Cleveland Museum of Art.

Entry Form