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Cleveland, OH (June 21, 2017) – The Cleveland Museum of Art (CMA), in its latest initiative to use game-changing technology that enhances the experience of its visitors and their connection with the museum’s world-renowned collection, has reimagined its award-winning Gallery One concept with the introduction of the ARTLENS Gallery. Guests will get a chance to preview ARTLENS Gallery during the museum’s ninth annual Solstice celebration on June 24, 2017.

Cleveland, OH (June 21, 2017)—The Cleveland Museum of Art’s recent acquisitions include a medieval limestone sculpture of Saint John the Baptist by Jan Crocq, six Pre-Columbian objects from the South American Andes, three Japanese Edo period porcelain dishes, and a monumental photograph by contemporary Irish artist Richard Mosse.

Saint John the Baptist

An extraordinary example of Late Burgundian art

CLEVELAND, OHIO (April 18, 2017) –The Cleveland Museum of Art (CMA) and The Ministry of Cultural Heritage and Activities and Tourism of the Republic of Italy (Ministry) today announced that they have reached an agreement for the transfer of an early 1st century A.D. marble portrait head of Drusus Minor (Drusus Julius Caesar, 13 B.C.-A.D. 23) to the Republic of Italy. The sculpture, previously sold at a public auction in Paris in 2004, was acquired by CMA in 2012, after extensive research to confirm its ownership history.

CLEVELAND (April 18, 2017) –The Cleveland Museum of Art (CMA) today announced that it will transfer an early 1st century A.D. marble portrait head of Drusus Minor (Drusus Julius Caesar,13 B.C.-A.D. 23) to the Republic of Italy. At his death at the age of 37, Drusus Minor, the son of the Roman Emperor Tiberius, was next in line to the imperial throne.  The sensitivity of the carving, the excellent state of preservation, and the monumental scale distinguish it as among the most accomplished portraits of the Julio-Claudian prince to have survived from antiquity.

Cleveland, OH (March 27, 2017) Since it opened its doors in 1916, the Cleveland Museum of Art (CMA) has sought to bring the pleasure and meaning of art to the broadest possible audience. The statement “for the benefit of all the people forever” was written into Jeptha Wade’s 1892 deed of gift for the land on which the museum stands. And it serves as the bedrock on which the institution was built, reflecting its founders’ belief that museums should be places for inspiration and for creating wonder and meaning in people’s lives. 

CLEVELAND (March 21, 2017) – Significant recent acquisitions by the Cleveland Museum of Art include Alabama, an Abstract Expressionist masterpiece by African American artist Norman Lewis; a rare tempera painting of St. Matthew by William Blake; and a 16th-century drawing that served as a study for the altarpiece The Entombment, by Giovanni de’ Vecchi.

Norman Lewis’s Masterpiece, Alabama

CLEVELAND (February 14, 2017) – As part of the ongoing review of its collections, the Cleveland Museum of Art has identified 12 Indian and Southeast Asian artworks for deaccessioning through public auction. In keeping with the museum’s policy and the accepted guidelines established by the field, all proceeds from the sale of these works will be used to support future art acquisitions. The decision to deaccession these works was recommended by the museum curatorial and senior staff and the motion was passed unanimously by the museum’s Board of Trustees collections committee. 


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