ArtLens Download Instructions

The ArtLens app is free, and is available via the App Store.

Due to changes made in iOS 7 you will need to manually enter the MAC address of your iPad's wireless card in order to use the Near You Now function while at the museum. For assistance on how to configure your iPad for "Near You Now", please see a Gallery One Technician located in Gallery One at the desk in the collection wall area. We are working on an update that will be available soon that will take care of this step automatically.


Download the ArtLens

While you're at home, or on another robust wifi network:

  • Check your hardware. With an iPad 2 or higher, confirm the operating system is at least iOS 6.0 or higher.
  • Shut down background apps (don't multi-task) while installing ArtLens and updating data:
    1) Tap the home button twice, to bring up the list of running apps at the bottom of the iPad screen.
    2) Scroll forward and backward through the apps; additional apps may be running but hidden.
    3) Touch one of the app icons and hold your finger on it until they all start wiggling. A small red circle will appear at the top left of the icon.
    4) Tap on the red circle and the app icon will disappear. The app is now no longer running in the background.
    5) When you’re done closing apps, tap the home button and the apps will stop wiggling.
    6) Tap the home button again to return to your home screen.
  • Download ArtLens from the App Store. (If you don't have an Apple ID, you will need to create an account.) Search for 'ArtLens' from your iPad or visit https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/artlens/id580839935.
  • Launch ArtLens. The first time you launch, ArtLens will take 20 minutes or more to download data.
  • Explore. You'll be able to see thousands of objects, take and create tours, and enjoy hundreds of videos and quick facts.

We recommend that you download ArtLens before you visit the museum, so you can get started as soon as you arrive. If you download ArtLens at the museum, the North Lobby and Ames Family Atrium have benches/seating and WiFi access.


Bring Your iPad to Visit

Before you leave home for the museum:

  • Ensure your iPad's protective case does not block the camera.
  • Check your Privacy settings, and set Location Services to On for ArtLens. This will enable the location recognition function.   
  • Don't forget to charge your iPad before you arrive. 

When you get to the museum's North Lobby:

  • Turn off Bluetooth.
  • If you have an iPad 3 and above or an iPad Mini, and are running at least iOS 6.1.x and above, turn on Wi-Fi and choose the 'ArtLens' network (no password). If you have an iPad 2 and below or are running iOS 5.x turn on Wi-Fi and choose the 'CMAGuest' network (no password). For the best possible experience using ArtLens while at the Museum we encourage you to use our ArtLens wireless network when possible.
  • Once in Gallery One, let a staff member know that you have your own iPad and they will give you an RFID tag.  This tag will allow your ipad to communicate with the Collection Wall in Gallery One, an interactive that displays the collection along with visitor content.  Place the tag on the back of your iPad or case, over the Apple logo.


Having problems downloading or have additional iPad questions?

Email galleryone [at] clevelandart [dot] org